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Onward Books has developed a unique, customized approach to helping authors make their books a reality. Print runs as low as 2,000 copies (and sometimes less) can easily be made financially feasible. And when you increase your number of copies, your price per copy decreases. A number of our authors have published their books for less than $1 per copy … and this includes cover and interior design, layout, editing and the filing of all legal forms and fees.

You will be proud of your Onward book. You will find the quality of our products as good as or better than even the largest publishing houses.


When it comes to quality service and production, we don’t believe you can find a better value than Onward Books. Each project will have one of our core team assigned to personally walk the author(s) through each step. You will be an intimate part of the entire process. We work with you. By the time your book rolls off the press, we are convinced you will be a friend, not just a client.

At Onward Books, we care about you.


Included in every Onward Books project:

• Step-by-step procedures with an agreed-upon schedule.
• Expert advice and unlimited consultation throughout the procedure.
• Expert editing from multiple editors over several stages.
• Expert layout.
• Cover art and interior design by a talented, experienced graphic designer.
• A turnkey project, delivered to your door (or wherever you choose).