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QUESTION:What types of books do you publish?
ANSWER: Onward Books publishes quality Christian books, as well as other family friendly books. We specialize in trade-size paperbacks,
small-format devotionals, and in turning sermon series into books and
booklets. We also publish hardbound books.


QUESTION: I am interested in having my manuscript published. What
does the process involve?
ANSWER: We will work with you individually to craft a project plan that
will get your book to press.


QUESTION: I don’t have time to write but I have material for a book. Can you help?
ANSWER: That’s no problem with Onward. We can turn your sermon series, lectures, or even your ideas into a book that faithfully records your content and reflects your personality. We can use your tapes or digital recordings or your notes … or we can record interviews with you to get the material.


QUESTION: I need some help with my manuscript before it is ready to publish. What assistance do you offer?
ANSWER: Onward Books provides as much assistance as you need to present you with a quality finished product. We will start where you are—whether you have a manuscript or just a set of sermon tapes. Top-notch writers, editors and graphic designers will be available to you as needed.


QUESTION: How much of my book do I need to have completed to start the process with Onward?
ANSWER: Our authors fall into the following categories:

• Book is completely written and only needs basic editing
• Book is mostly written and needs considerable editing
• Skeleton of book is written but need a lot of help crafting the final product
• Need a ghost writer (a writer who will take the author’s material and turn it into a manuscript)


QUESTION: What kind of publishing plans are available?
ANSWER: Generally 50% up front or at a mutually agreeable time, followed by the balance upon delivery. But individual terms can be negotiated

QUESTION: How do I know if Onward is right for me?
ANSWER: Contact us now for a no-obligation discussion of your project.