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Davis, James O. (Living Like Jesus)
Donaldson, Hal (Midnight in the City; My Adventure In Faith; Jesus and You; Trusting God; Parenting; Power for Living; Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Gibbons, Scotty (Carry-On; First Things First; Overflow)
Grant, Beth (Beyond The Soiled Curtain)
Grant, David (Beyond The Soiled Curtain)
Greene, Tom (The Game Isn’t Over)
Huddleston, Sam (5Years to Life)
Hausfeld, Lynda (Silk Road Stories)
Hausfeld, Mark, (Silk Road Stories)
Horn, Ken (Theology in a Nutshell; Silk Road Stories; Jesus and You; Trusting God; Revival Sermons; Living Like Jesus)
Horn, Peggy (A Quiet Escape; Times of Refreshing)
Noonan, Kirk (Midnight in the City)
Sparks, Lillian (Don’t Cry for Me; A Quiet Escape)
Wheeler, Lynn (Living Free)
Wickramaratne, Colton (My Adventure In Faith)
Wickramaratne, Dishan (My Adventure In Faith)
Wood, George O. (Jesus and You; Trusting God)


Anderson, Gordon (Revival Sermons)
Anthony, Mark (Living Like Jesus)
Argue, Bonnie (A Quiet Escape)
Argue, David W. (Trusting God)
Barnett, Tommy (Revival Sermons)
Beesley, Janice (Times Of Refreshing)
Berryhill, Ray (Trusting God)
Berteau, Glen (Jesus And You)
Blackwood, Mona (A Quiet Escape)
Blansit, Don (Living Like Jesus)
Boggs, Mary Jane (A Quiet Escape)
Braddy, Judi (Times Of Refreshing)
Bradford, James (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Brawner, Jeff (Power For Living; Trusting God)
Brewer, Eddy (Living Like Jesus)
Brewer, Jimmie D. (Trusting God)
Brewster, Charles (Revival Sermons)
Bright, Bill (Revival Sermons)
Buchholz, Bill (Trusting God)
Bullock, Anoosh (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Buntain, Fulton W. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Buntain, Huldah (Jesus And You; Power For Living)
Burleson, Donny (Parenting)
Burton, Craig J. (Living Like Jesus)
Byerly, Renee (Times Of Refreshing)
Callaway, Leslie (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Calvert, Debbie (A Quiet Escape)
Canales, Isaac (Trusting God)
Cawston, David A. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Cawston, Nancy (A Quiet Escape)
Cho, David Yonggi (Revival Sermons)
Clay, Lisa (Jesus And You)
Cole, Glen D. (Jesus And You; Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living; Trusting God)
Cole, Mary Ann (A Quiet Escape)
Cooper, Karen (Times Of Refreshing)
Cope, George (Living Like Jesus)
Crabtree, Ramona (Times Of Refreshing)
Creps, Earl (Revival Sermons)
Creps, Janet (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Crispin, David (Trusting God)
Crosby, Pamela (A Quiet Escape)
Crosby, Robert C. (Trusting God)
Davis, Charles A. (Jesus And You)
Davis, James O. (Revival Sermons)
De Vito, Michael D. (Parenting)
Dorsing, Marilyn (Times Of Refreshing)
Dortch, Richard (Living Like Jesus; Revival Sermons)
DuBose, Rick (Revival Sermons)
Dykes, Kristy (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Eggert, Russell (Jesus And You; Living Like Jesus; Trusting God)
Eizenga, Merrie (Times Of Refreshing)
Elliott, Mark (Jesus And You)
Embree, Glenn R. (Parenting)
English, Christy (Times Of Refreshing)
Farina, Sam (Living Like Jesus; Revival Sermons)
Ford, Sherryl (Times Of Refreshing)
Foth, Richard B. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Franklin, James H. (Trusting God)
French, J. Mikel (Revival Sermons)
Fruh, Aaron (Jesus And You)
Fuiten, Joseph B. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Gannon, Kassiani (Times Of Refreshing)
Garcia, David (Living Like Jesus)
Gardiner, James (Revival Sermons)
Garrison, Alton (Jesus And You; Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living; Revival Sermons)
George, J. Don (Living Like Jesus)
Goins, Kelly (Parenting)
Goldsmith, Michael (Living Like Jesus; Trusting God)
Gonzalez, Saturnino (Revival Sermons)
Goodall, Rosalyn (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Goodall, Wayde I. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Gossenberger, Scott (Parenting)
Goulet, Denise (A Quiet Escape)
Goulet, Paul (Parenting; Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Revival Sermons)
Grant, Beth (Jesus And You)
Greer, Randy (Parenting)
Guerra, Rich (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Guneratnam, Prince (Living Like Jesus)
Hackett, Greg (Revival Sermons)
Hagan, Scott (Parenting)
Hansen, Cheryl (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Hansen, Eric (Jesus And You; Revival Sermons; Trusting God)
Hatfield, Larry (Revival Sermons)
Hausfeld, Lynda (Times Of Refreshing)
Higgins, Cindy (Times Of Refreshing)
Hoskins, Robert (Parenting)
Huddleston, Linda (A Quiet Escape)
Hunt, Steven J. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Inman, Terry (Jesus And You)
James, Don (Revival Sermons)
Jarvis, Joyce (Times Of Refreshing)
Jennings, Sandy (Times Of Refreshing)
Johnson, Beth (Times Of Refreshing)
Johnson, Doris P. (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Johnson, George D. (Power For Living)
Johnson, Samuel H. (Trusting God)
Johnston, Darius (Living Like Jesus)
Jones, Dwain (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Jumper, Randall (Living Like Jesus)
Kennedy, D. James (Living Like Jesus)
Keyes, Carl D. (Trusting God)
Khaleel, Maria (A Quiet Escape)
Kohler, Starr (Times Of Refreshing)
Kuert, John P. (Living Like Jesus)
Larson, Ray (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Lawrence, Norman (Living Like Jesus)
Lidstrand, Harris E. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Lindberg, Thomas (Jesus And You; Trusting God)
Lundstrom, Gloria (A Quiet Escape)
Lundstrom, Lowell (Revival Sermons)
MacPhail, Malcolm (Jesus And You)
Maddox, Robert (Living Like Jesus)
Maddux, H. Ronald (Living Like Jesus)
Manning, Audrey (A Quiet Escape)
Martin, John C. (Jesus And You)
McCamey, J.P. (Living Like Jesus)
Mendoza, Fred (Trusting God)
Meppelink, Jean (A Quiet Escape)
Metcalf, Leigh (Jesus And You)
Miller, Clyde (Living Like Jesus)
Miller, Connie (Times Of Refreshing)
Mohan, David (Living Like Jesus)
Moore, Donnie (Parenting)
Morris, Hubert A. (Trusting God)
Munizzi, Angela (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Myrick, Judy (A Quiet Escape)
Newton, Kevin B. (Parenting)
Olford, Stephen (Living Like Jesus)
Oliver, Tammy (A Quiet Escape)
Olsen, Vicky L. (A Quiet Escape)
Olson, Paul (Parenting)
Olson, Tim (Jesus And You)
Otwell, Adonna (Times Of Refreshing)
Packer, J.I. (Living Like Jesus)
Palmer, John M. (Power For Living)
Parker, Kathy (A Quiet Escape)
Parrish, Duane (Power For Living)
Perez, Coco (Parenting)
Plunk, Richard (Living Like Jesus)
Puleo, Ruth (A Quiet Escape)
Rachels, T. Ray (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Robinson, Mark (Jesus And You)
Roever, Dave (Parenting; Power For Living)
Rust, Lawrence D. (Parenting)
Ryan, Rick (Jesus And You)
Rydwansky, Karen C. (A Quiet Escape)
Sappington, Barry (Parenting)
Saunders, Jr., James (Rat) L. (Parenting)
Sawyer, George (Living Like Jesus)
Schultz, Doug (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Schulz, Norm (Parenting)
Secrist, Dan (Jesus And You)
Selzer, Mary (A Quiet Escape)
Sharp, Michael (Revival Sermons)
Shelton, Lew (Trusting God)
Shorey, Mark (Revival Sermons)
Sohn, Larry (Revival Sermons)
Spradling, Don (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living; Revival Sermons)
Stevens, David (Living Like Jesus)
Strickland, Vicki (A Quiet Escape)
Swaim, Jeff (Trusting God)
Taylor, Priscilla (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Tesch, Diane (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Tesch, Wayne (Trusting God)
Thomas, Steve (Parenting)
Tourville, Marjie (A Quiet Escape)
Trask, Bradley T. (Jesus and You; Trusting God)
Trask, Rhonda (A Quiet Escape; Times Of Refreshing)
Traub, Ron (Trusting God)
Valimont, Randy (Living Like Jesus; Revival Sermons)
Vazquez, Jr., Samuel (Parenting)
Veliquette, Paul (Trusting God)
Vertefeuille, John N. (Power For Living)
Vinson, Wendell (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Vossler, Pete (Jesus And You)
Warren, Jr., John (Pleasing God, Pleasing You)
Weaver, Walt (Parenting; Revival Sermons)
Wentich, Beth (Times Of Refreshing)
Wheeler, Lynn (Jesus And You; Parenting; Revival Sermons; Trusting God)
Williams, Billy (Parenting)
Wilson, Steven K. (Parenting)
Wood, George O. (Pleasing God, Pleasing You; Power For Living)
Yarbrough, Darrell (Trusting God)
Zello, Kay (A Quiet Escape)