Onward Books

Onward BooksOnward Books, Inc. was founded in 1989 to publish and distribute literature that enriches the everyday lives of readers. Readers have come to expect only the finest from Onward Books.


Onward Books exists to assist quality authors get their books into print in a high-quality form at reasonable expense. With the challenge of one’s manuscript being picked up for publication by a major publishing company, Onward has stepped in to help aspiring (and repeat) authors make their dreams come true.


When you sign on to have your book published by Onward, you will have an exciting, enjoyable endeavor in front of you … and the author is an intimate part of the process, signing off on every decision. The experience of publishing a book can be highly stressful. At Onward, we absorb the stress for the author while providing detailed information and advice until the completed, superior product rolls off the press. Our past authors will tell you that there is a mutual respect and common desire that make publishing with us an enjoyable experience.


Onward projects are produced by some of the finest creative craftsmen in their fields. Expect nothing but the finest writing, editing, graphic design and production. The core team of Hal Donaldson, Peggy Horn, and Ken Horn have widespread, proven experience, and together will guide your project to completion.


Whether you’re looking to be published, or looking to make a purchase for your church or organization, Onward Books is committed to moving you onward in your faith, passion and mission. We are dedicated to, and have a proven track record of, producing only the finest books and written materials in an atmosphere of partnership with our clients. We are committed to make each author happy both with the finished product and with the process that gets you there.


Our Undergirding Value:

We will conduct business according to biblical standards of integrity and honesty.


Our Commitments to Every Client:

To partner with you in an atmosphere of mutual respect and thorough communication. To afford the author a sense of dignity and a relationship-centered working environment. To assign only top-notch writers, editors, and designers to your project. Expect creativity, accuracy and efficiency.

To offer above-average value for your investment. To provide a final product that will make you happy. We will not print your book until you are satisfied and have signed off on every aspect of it.